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Purple Tramble also known as "Purple Reels The Go Getter" is an Independent Filmmaker an alumni of Howard University where she studied Communications - [TV/Film Production]. Tramble is passionate about working with small businesses, bands, artists etc. by giving them a tool to market themselves through video promotion. She is also passionate about the progression of the modern filmmaker by providing them with new ideas to keep them ahead of the game. Tramble is an Activist and Advocate of Educating and Empowering the next generation by providing them with positive images that destroy racial stereotypes and sexist or demeaning behavior in regards to young women. Her mission is to provide hope to the hopeless, a voice to the voiceless, and support others on a mission to bring peace, spread love, and make a positive change. "Protect and effect the minds of the youth and save a nation." ~ Purple Reels ~

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"The Wedding Bell" Promotional Project

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How do the Creative survive in this economy?

So it seems that we are in high demand. Who are we? The creative. Meaning all of us who can create new and exciting assets… professional assets for companies and other individuals looking to enhance a product etc. I am talking about the Artists, the Singer, the Writer, the Actors, the Make-up Artists, the Poet, the Cameraman/woman, the Director, Producer, Videographer, and the Dancer etc. How do we survive in an economy like this? Is it fair for us to take on gigs that pay us beneath what we are worth or better yet that don’t pay us a dime? Or should we just succumb to the battlefield of this economy and give in to the crisis? Do we just put our gifts and talents on the back burner and just take whatever jobs are out there? What about those of us with college degrees who go out day after day to look for jobs only to get no call-backs and sometimes a call but one that is profitable. Some don’t seem to be getting any calls at all… and some are being deemed “Overqualified.”

This is the dilemma that I have been contemplating for a while now. I have worked very hard at what I do and to get to this place in my life and I am finding it hard to just accept what others want for my life over what I want. I have always been in the creative world and have always known that it would not be easy but I also know that I must set my limits of what I will accept and what I will not accept. Now that I do have a degree in my field I feel that it is right to charge a pretty penny for what I do and not think twice about it. When in school I was making money with what I do as well. Right now I am looking around at what is happening to the world and wondering where do I draw the line in the sand? When do you say NO to giving favors to people instead of looking out for your own best interest? When? When? When? I still don’t have the answer to that question but I am definitely at a crossroads and need to come up with a solution very soon.

There is a term called “Paying your dues” however there is also a difference between paying your dues and being just plain stupid. I call it bad business. When someone has a degree they have already shown that they have what it takes to stick with something and actually finish what they started. In the entertainment business no matter what field you are in there can be bad business. In the Television and Film business for instance it is a well-known fact that you must start from the bottom and work your way up unless some other circumstances help you to make your big break that is just how it is. However the point here is when you take your work outside of the actual arena of the “business” and start freelancing it is always important that you always charge what you are worth. A student would get paid less than someone who has a degree in let’s say video editing for instance. In my current dilemma I must choose whether I want to keep doing favors or go accept another type of job while I work on some of my other passions for a while.

Some of us are fortunate to have jobs that we love and are actually being paid for what we do. Then they’re some of us who are being forced to do what we loathe in order to pay the bills. The fine line comes when one starts thinking about what is best for themselves. It probably seems that something just isn’t right or it feels like you’re not going anywhere or making any progress. Creative people with gifts and talents have been forced to put those gifts and talents on the back burner in order to do what’s best for them or their family. Then there are those who have a choice to make. They have options and one of their options benefits other parties but they want to venture out and make a life of their own. The choice at the end of the day comes down to what is best for you. In my current situation I will probably have to disappoint some people and give some people ultimatums but it will be better for me to do that than to go around feeling like my work is worthless. I refuse to let someone else’s vision wilt or define my own vision for my life. THAT I have never been able to cope with. It is one thing to help someone but it is another to let them overshadow your own well-being, state-of-mind, and overall vision for your career and your life. So it is not only this economy that has coaxed my change of heart but a multitude of things. Purple Reels will be on the MOVE again. A special shout out to the Creative people out there…I definitely feel your pain… peace out til next time… this has been a *PR-Thought*

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Friday, July 24, 2009

"No Importa" Music Video Post Production

A lot comes into play when you get down to post production. From the editor's standpoint they're hoping that the Director had a great eye to give them a variety of shots to choose from. That is definitely what sets people a part once you sit down in the editor's chair and start to put your project together. It has been a learning process and a good one at that. I've had the opportunity to teach along the way while cultivating my craft as well. Anyone who has taught anything knows that you as the teacher also learn as you teach because you have to go back to what it is you know and pull out all the stops so to speak. The video "No Importa" is unique because it is a new genre known as Reggaeton that originated in Puerto Rico. I think that it is definitely a genre that is going to blow up in the near future. Doing a video that is in a different language may seem like it is tough but it really all comes down to how well you can pay attention and catch on to the rhythm because there is a certain flow to it all.

Once I got all of my clips organized from Day one to Day three I went deeper into the vault and had to organize them by Medium Shot (MS), Close Up (CU), and so on and so on. Organizing the clips is different from editor to editor it pretty much is up to them and their style. For instance some editors like to capture all of the footage at once and then splice it up and other editors like to go ahead and make the footage into clips as they go. Then comes the question of what type of equipment you are using. With the Sony PMW EX3 there are no tapes simply the hard drive and the camera breaks everything up into clips automatically and that was something that helped us out tremendously. I like to organize everything in my own way and name the clips in a way that I know exactly what is going to be shown without ever having to play it back.

So for the most part I have the footage all laid out first and then I go back and look at what effects to put on the video to make it better. I like to think of it as pizazz! In order to make the video look clean cut we cannot overdue the effects. There has to be a rhythm there too or else it will look trashy and just thrown together. It is easy to get caught up in all of the new technology and all of the new effects some people are trying these days but in my opinion less is more.

Ito's album "No Importa" is out now. It was released on July 17th and his first show is July 24th at a spot in Sacramento, CA. Ito along with Energetik will be performing. They are two of many artists signed with indie label Moodswinga Records. The next video that I will be working on along with the crew is Energetik's "Better than Before." This video is unique as well but we are still in pre-production. I actually am in the middle of writing part of the treatment for that. Overall the best thing I can say about this experience is that I learned a whole lot and it has shed light on how important it is to be organized. Your equipment is important too but if you have no talent, no gift, no compassion for what you're doing your final product will reflect that. Word is bond and my bond is my word. I will try to keep you updated as much as possible but it has become very hectic for me lately.

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Friday, June 26, 2009

PURPLE: On Living The Dream

I can't believe it's real... can't believe it's true... can't believe it's happening but finally it's true. When I was in bed the other night I just could not sleep thinking about the first day I would be directing my first music video. I had years of experience dating way back to middle school at Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School in Sacramento, CA.... to Howard University and on to France to witness one of the greatest experiences of my life. I dream this business and I look at the world through the eyes of film because it has actually become my life. It is overwhelming at first to be put in the director's chair because there is so much riding on your shoulders. After weeks of planning it all came down to doing what I do best and showing my crew the vision that I had. What is unique is that my crew is all new to the business and that gave me a lot of leverage as far as getting them caught up on some things. We have all of the equipment we need and a plethora of talent to work with. As far as equipment we are shooting on the Sony PMW EX3 shooting in high quality on HD. I am so used to being on camera or editing so I found myself trying to do most of the shooting at times but realized I have to let my crew do their job. Once I got into the groove of things we were on our way and things moved a lot quicker and looked clean cut and smooth. I have a great DP who works well with my style and is willing to learn on the spot. It was exciting to finally be in charge of something bigger than myself and have the ability to make decisions that showcase my ability to direct a successful shoot. We have a three point lighting system along with a soft box and two other lights but we ended up only using four to block out the shadows.
Working with talent is something that was quite new to me only because I had been used to doing documentary style productions. I made them feel comfortable by giving them the freedom to improvise and give their own suggestions about certain shots that I chose. Immediately they began to feel comfortable and everything fell into place after that. What is unique about this first music video is that it is in Spanish originally and so when I first heard it I went off of the music and the feel of the song to get an idea of what I'd write for the treatment. Then the second time I got it translated and then went back and wrote a second treatment and compared the two. I spent a while listening to the song over and over and going back over the translations before a lightbulb came on and I focused in on one idea. The song for the video is called "No Importa" and the artist is a reggaeton artist named Ito who is a local artist from Sacramento, CA but originally from Puerto Rico who is signed with Moodswinga Records. Reggaeton is making it's way to the top in the USA so I'm glad to be a part of something new. The song is actually available on and also on Itunes under Ito "No Importa."
This has been a very exciting time for me and it is only Day 1 of shooting. Putting a production together is the most amazing feeling. However this has been a great learning experience because Directing is a whole new playing field. I know that I was made to do this because at the end of the day I'd do this even if you didn't pay me. While in France for the Cannes Film Festival I met some amazing Directors and Producers and one theme I remember them saying is that yeah this business may seem fun on the outside but there is a lot of pain for the most part. It is a grueling business that you have to be ready for. If you don't have tough skin then you will not make it. I'm a fighter and I have been through a lot, sacrificed a whole lot, and have taken more risks that I ever thought I would all for the love and passion of film. These next few days for me are all about FOCUS and putting my money where my mouth is. I want to put my heart and soul into it this time that's where the real test comes. It doesn't matter what equipment you have (although that helps) if you do not know what to do with it then at the end of the day it's just a waste.
A few days after I got back in California we went down to San Jose to shoot a show for one of our artists on Moodswinga Records "Philly Slim." He was performing with a group who has a CD out called "Before I Die" with Scrilla C. That was such an exciting experience. We had on our Moodswinga shirts and when we took out our cameras they didn't really know what was going on or what to expect. For one the club that we went to was not a hip-hop club so it was rather weird to me that they were even booked their but that is neither here nor there. They ended up rocking the house anyway and once the video started poppin we got some great shots. What I like about Philly Slim is he knows how to work the crowd and be live for the camera as well. That will be the third music video I work on and I am definitely looking forward to that. I really felt proud of my crew that night because it felt like family. These past few days have been great. There have definitely been ups and downs but overall it has been a great learning experience. I am proud to say that I am finally living the dream.

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Howard Professor Haile Gerima's "Teza" in Cannes 2009

During the Cannes film festival I was able to meet with a former professor of mine Haile Gerima whose film "Teza" premiered during my time at the Cannes Film Festival. I took a course called Third World Cinema where we critiqued and analyzed the meaning of films from the third world. I admired Gerima for his ability to think outside the box and for his efforts and success in the art of independent film. This film "Teza" really surprised me though. Seamless editing, the story was flawless and more so moving to the core. I found myself crying a couple of times during the movie because I felt like I really understood to a certain degree the importance of film after viewing Gerima's film. Storytelling is the essence of film. So it dawned on me the reasons it is important to learn from all of your experiences. Traveling abroad also opened up a whole new world and worldview. I knew that some things like music videos and hip hop where all that some people knew of America but when you actually experience someone asking you point blank about Hip-Hop like that's all you are about it is different. People expect you to know as many languages as them just like we expect them to know English when they come to America. But back to the film "Teza." It made a true imprint on my mind about what I was put here to do. It all comes down to the simple things in the end... the protection of family and their stories. It is a great task to hold but life is the melting pot from where we pull our stories and "Teza" is a beautiful story that the world needs to experience.

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sometimes (a poem for the haters)

Sometimes I wonder why
You look me straight in the eyes
and smile a smile of lies
Catty women full of hate
"Well hate on me hate on me
I can see so clearly"
smile in your face...
all the time they want to take your place
backstabbers backstabbers
Sometimes I wonder why
you think I can't see through your bs
chummy with me sometimes
next minute I can't tell the ocean from the sky
but I digress
steer clear of my life
I don't have the time
Sometimes I wonder what to say to you
next thing I know my words are misused
fake people with two faces
seems in my presence you change faces
quick to get next to me when the brew is boiling hot
when the gettin is good
but quick to jump ship when it's not
In life it's never what you expect
sometimes you have to smile through the cries
smile through the lies
I know my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
but that's no reason for you to hate so hard
Get your own swagga get off mine
In my mind I cool the fire the brews within
you never know what goes on in the mind of a hater
but i wish I knew sometimes

© 2009 Washington, DC

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mon chocolat au trésor

I wrote this poem last night about this bouncer I met at a club the other night in France. Have never spoken a word to him but I keep running into him by chance....

" Mon chocolat au trésor "

Chiseled features/
Skin smooth & sleek/
Move extra smooth/

Don't miss a beat
Eyes piercing mine/
I can feel the heat/
Is he reading my mind?/
Is all I can think/
Never had the pleasure to finally meet/
standing so tall upon thy two feet/
Eyes so deep I can't ponder/

Filled with mysterious wonder/
That's why the magnitude is
Great & I must return/
Mon chocolat au trésor is
reminiscent of a dream/
The night I longed to speak
thy native tongue/
Kiss thy cheek til your heart's undone
Breathe past your neck
til' the chill dilludes peril/
Handsome is my chocolat treasure/
You make me dream of new things to come/

All these thoughts but the words I've spoken are none/

I have only the gazes we have shared/

Silent conversations that only we were aware/

Yet I know somehow
the magnitude of the connection is rare/
I cherish the chiseled features of a man so smooth and debonair/
I spotted one night while the France lights I perused/
I kept thinking...
A man of this measure I had been deprived/

Mon chocolat au trésor , the sexiest man alive.

1:00pm France 6 hours ahead of EST time

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Journey of PurpleReels... here we go Cannes

I feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity. I have learned so much in such a short time. Was fortunate to meet the Director of Stomp the Yard and have learned that it is best to stay in motion. I've learned about pitching films, acquiring agents, distribution, gaining the proper rights for films etc. It is less about talent and more about lasting in the game! For real everyone's path is different and only the strong and truly passionate survive! I'm doing my daily journal and keeping tabs on the latest films while missing my family and American food tremendously. It is no wonder everyone here is so skinny lol, they don't eat... and the quantity of food is way less than we are used to in the US. I've learned a little French and am mingling with the people of France. Got on the bus today it was so crowded... I just looked up and took a picture and the girl next to me laughed... I am grateful to have had this opportunity to sit down and immerse myself in the world of film. I was featured along with my internship "Vision Films and Music" in the magazine Cannes Market which is published daily here in Cannes. I haven't figured out how to find the pic but when I do I'll be sure to post it. So in closing I'd like to leave you with a quote:

"If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress.... Yes I did"

~ Barack Obama ~

Thank you so much to all of those who have supported the dream! I am so truly grateful for God has granted my desires beyond my wildest dreams

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Eddy Duran of Duran Films

While viewing some films at the Short Film Corner in Cannes, France I came upon a film called "The Lesson Plan." It is provocative and informing for our people and our generation. The film is arranged as a lesson plan that shadows the lives of black individuals as they go through their daily lives. In each scene in the beginning the character is broken down. If you haven't read Willie Lynch The Making of a Slave I think it is time that you take a look. The thing that I like about the film "The Lesson Plan" is the way that Eddy Duran captures the way we were affected by this phenomenon. For instance:

"special and particular attention must be paid to the FEMALE and the YOUNGEST offspring" "YOU MUST KEEP YOUR EYE AND THOUGHTS ON THE FEMALE and the OFFSPRING of the horse and the n-word. A brief discourse in offspring development will shed light on the key to sound economic principles. Pay little attention to the generation of original breaking, but CONCENTRATE ON FUTURE GENERATION."

The interesting part comes here when the breaking of the African Woman is discussed

"By her being left alone, unprotected, with the MALE IMAGE DESTROYED, the ordeal caused her to move from her psychological dependent state to a frozen independent state. In this frozen psychological state of independence, she will raise her MALE and female offspring in reversed roles. For FEAR of the young males life she will psychologically train him to be MENTALLY WEAK and DEPENDENT, but PHYSICALLY STRONG. Because she has become psychologically independent, she will train her FEMALE off springs to be psychological independent. What have you got? You've got the N-WORD WOMAN OUT FRONT AND THE N-WORD MAN BEHIND AND SCARED."
These quotes are all taken from The Talking Drum

Anyway the film "The Lesson Plan" is depicted in such a way that it captures the very essence of our struggle today... for even after all of these years we are still affected. I like the scene with the teacher and the student... he puts a gun to the kid's head and forces him to pay attention. Eddy Duran of Duran Films is someone to be on the look out for. Duran Films where content is king.

Another film maker that I had the pleasure of meeting has a short film called "Marcus" which is about a single mother who cannot get over the death of her son. I liked this film because of the way the script was set up. I've seen it done before but the content made me pay attention. The film maker's name is Olu. He is from Nigeria but has been living in London for a while now. The UK has a wealth of excellence in film and I am gaining more respect for them each day that I learn more and more.

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chrisette Michele's "Epiphany"

Chrisette Michele is the definition of real music! I am so mesmerized by her new album “Epiphany,” her sophomore album, which just dropped May 5, 2009. Each song is like a teardrop of heartfelt poetry in your ear. I remember seeing Chrisette perform at The Black Cat in DC before her debut album “I AM” came out. She possessed such a strong presence of a lady but more so an amazing classic demeanor from the 1920s. In an interview following the debut album “I AM” Chrisette talked about how she has definitely been influenced by singers from a different era. She came to us as such a soft heartfelt young lady opening her heart to us. This album “Epiphany” can be described as the adaptation of a strong woman! She has truly grown. Her voice was already sultry like that of Sara Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday but this album is different because she takes you there! I know that I have a classic on my hands when I have no problem letting the whole CD play on repeat… this one is a winner! It is so hard to pick a favorite from this album but so far my picks are “Porcelain Doll,” “All I ever think about is You,” and “Mr. Right.” However I enjoy each song on the album equally and might not be doing it justice by picking favorites. I love the whole CD. Definitely can relate to this album. It sounds like Chrisette has been through some things and you can pick up on the passion in the songs even better when you witness it live. So I'll let you be the judge! Below are some videos from a performance Chrisette did for Vh1 SoulStage. Enjoy!





As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thoughts on Tavis Smiley interview with Prince

I really enjoyed the recent interview that Tavis Smiley did with Prince. He has a new album out called "Lotus Flow3r" and a lot of people are talking about how unique his website for the CD is. I mean I thought it was clever and if it wasn't unique it just wouldn't be Prince. In his recent interview he talked about how he overcame his battle with Epilepsy among other things. Every time I see this man I am even more intrigued by his expertise and discipline. I'm going to have to find his autobiography. That is one thing that I love is reading about people's lives who have made it to where I want to be. I was taught that if you surround yourself with greatness that is what you will become inevitably. As a child my parents could see that I needed a change as young as elementary school and they put me on a bus to a different school on the North side of Seattle. It wasn't about it being a white school but it was about exposing me to greater things in life. I could relate to what Prince was saying because I remember the teasing, I remember running home to my momma and all the talks we had about "being different." She always reminded me that it was ok to be different. I took that and ran with it. Having people who support you and your dream is VERY important! I remember when I was a kid my classmates used to ask me "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and now I look back and laugh but I would say, "I want to be an Actress, Architect, Own my own restaurant, Own my own Salon, write my own book, etc." They would say well you can't be all of those things ... how are you going to do all of that? I still have the blueprints for my first house that I had drawn out as a kid. That was 6th grade. I still have plans for all of those things but they are more fine tuned nowadays. I have a clearer vision because I have experienced more in life and now my crooked road is lining up.



As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

PurpleReels Review of Jazz in the Diamond District

* * * *

Jazz in the Diamond District was a unique film. There were underlying messages and I believe that at some point everyone had a universal feeling of oneness. It was different to actually see a film about DC. I felt proud to see the familiar places on the big screen like Zanzibar nightclub, Ben’s Chili Bowl, the dance studio on H st., the Duke Ellington School for the arts, and of course the Capitol. Jazz who is the main character in the film was filled with all of the charisma and drive of her mother who was sick. Her character was one who was about chasing her dreams but she ends up getting caught up. At the beginning I didn’t know for sure who the narrator was but it was clear at some point that Jazz’s sister was actually the focus because it was told from her perspective. There were many surprises in the end that had me on the edge of my seat. Some of the twists and turns I just could not believe. The two scenes that were the most powerful to me was first when Jazz went up to New York to meet with Malik who supposedly knew someone in the record business. The scene was very intense but I felt like it cut off too soon and definitely needed a transition to help the audience stay connected. I was on the edge of my seat and then saw blackness but after a few moments it was ok. The next scene that caught me off guard was when Jazz and Gabe got into an intense argument towards the end. True DC colors came out in that scene because rarely do people keep it so real in the midst of an argument like here in DC. If you pay attention you will notice the tilted shot used in the argument scene. It was risky but I think it worked and served it’s purpose. Go-go music was ever present in this film. If you want to know what goes down in DC then this is the movie to see. The whole vibe of DC is unique in it’s own way and there is no other way to explain it. For once the city grows on you it is subtlety forever present in everything that you endeavor. One thing that could have made this film even better was using pure dialog instead of music throughout all of the scenes. The music was great but just not for every scene. The script was ok and I was following along up until the point where I couldn’t figure out if Jazz was telling the truth. I will not spoil the movie for all of those who have yet to see it but overall I liked the script. I enjoyed all of it because it was real DC with no chaser! You might even like Go-Go music a little bit after going to see Jazz in the Diamond District. This film is in a category that is all its own, just like the peculiar city, that is Washington, DC.

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

The Village in Me

A poem dedicated to my family who is ever striving for their dreams... I will always love you!

The Village in Me

Life is a peculiar thing you value one thing after another some things last for a lifetime some things lose meaning in the end looking at life from different angles different viewpoints and scenes will frame & change your values & opinions in some ways & material things will lose their gain they say trouble don't last always but how do you erase the pain? the one you confide in time & time again the people you hold so dear to you Momma, Daddy, sister, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends the only people who matter in the end it takes a village to raise a child they say everyday I grow older and wiser yet a little more of my village fades away now they've passed the baton to me & whether i'm ready or not the babies are looking up to me I can go on from day to day to make the world a better place for the babies & this is why we need our family for who else loves us unconditionally No one but Momma & Daddy So for the village in me I strive to succeed for the family but most of all for the babies

written by Purple
© 2008 Washington, DC

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Saturday, May 2, 2009

PurpleReels gives Obsessed Five Stars

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It was my plan to see the movie the day that it came out to help with making it to the number one spot however I ended up seeing it this past Friday, May 1st. Everyone had their own opinions about Beyonce this and Beyonce that but I went in with a different outlook. I found myself immersed in the content and subject matter of the movie because it flowed so well. Usually I will find that if the script is horrible I am usually so distracted that I end up focusing on different shots and why they used this source of light instead of another. I felt that the script was great and because of that it allowed me to focus on the actual story like a regular movie goer. For me going to see one movie can mean seeing it three different times and from three different perspectives if it's a good movie. I will watch first for my own pleasure and then I'll actually study the editing techniques used and find myself wondering why the director, editor etc chose to go that route. The second time just gets my creative juices flowing and gives me insight as to how I can use those techniques to create my own. The third time I will listen for the music score and lighting that give cues to what is about to take place. Another word for that is suspense. If the music is done correctly I should be able to predict what is going to happen next. In Obsessed I didn't even have to go back to see the movie again because it was in sync the whole way. I am overly critical when it comes to films and that is why I have given "Obsessed" five stars. Idris Elba takes his character and makes it his own and the scene that illustrates this the most for me is when Sharon (Beyonce Knowles) finds out about Lisa (Ali Larter). He takes on the character so much so that you find yourself losing yourself in the movie. I looked up a couple of times and people's mouths were open and I laughed because mine was too! I was very surprised at Beyonce's role as Sharon because she really got to prove herself as an actress in this movie. Other movies always made her seem like Beyonce and not the actual character but in "Obsessed" she is Sharon! I will always remember this line "You think you're crazy... I'm gonna show you crazy..." oh and let's not forget "You touched my child?" I remember an interview Beyonce did with Entertainment Tonight when she talked about Sasha Fierce her alter-ego... I believe that she showed up in this movie. I felt the rage and anger that Sharon felt but I also felt equally the dismay that Derek felt when he got caught up in the situation that he did. I am not one to ruin movies for people who have yet to see them but I'm sure everyone has heard about the "Cat Fight" scene in the movie. All I can say is hold on to your seats! Walter Murch talks about seamless editing in his book "In the Blink of an Eye" and that sums up the movie "Obsessed." It is not a surprise that it has reached the mark of #1 movie in America because it deserves that and much more. When I heard that Beyonce and her father had a hand in directing the movie I was equally elated if not even more ecstatic for their success! For it is one thing to be as successful as Beyonce and her family have become in the music business but to reach a mark this great in the film business is the pinnacle of success if not far more than one could even hope or imagine. So if you're sitting down wondering if you should go see this movie... all I can say is why not. You have nothing to lose but all to gain. The next movie on my list to see is an independent film by Lindsey Christian called "Jazz in the Diamond District." Now I love the Jazz Scene in DC and I love independent film so this is a must see. I have to support fellow independent filmmakers. More to come... but til then be blessed...

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Review of "The Soloist"

After seeing “The Soloist” I can solemnly say that I was sincerely touched. This film was real life. I mean it was based on a true story but the way that it was put together was phenomenal. The two actors Robert Downey Jr. (Lopez) and Jamie Foxx (Nathanial) portray their very energy with such detail that you fall into their character and forget where you are and reality. My favorite scene consists of the visual portrayal of sound and more importantly the sound of a symphony portrayed with the fusion of color and audiovisual masterpieces. It pleased me greatly to have witnessed such a great story because that is what it is all about… telling each others stories… one person writes the story… another person has an idea or a vision about how to tell the story… then that person brings it to someone who can get the people together to carry out that vision. That, my friends is the essence of film. I recommend that anyone who is able to go and witness this film in all of its greatness. I have yet to see the movie “Obsessed” however that is the next thing on my to do list.

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Ideas and Dreams Deferred"

When I started to realize that my dreams actually meant something I started to keep a notebook and a pen by my bedside. I just couldn’t stand the thought of actually forgetting one of my ideas. Most of the time my dreams would cause me to think about certain events in my life and some part of the dream always ended up coming to life. The other kinds of dreams I have are “Ideas” that are God-given. I know this because every time I take note of them and run with them I never fail. The thing about it is that if God has given you something he will always give you instructions about what to do with that idea. The problem arises in between that time when we are waiting to hear those instructions. I know how frustrating that can be. Take for instance my acceptance into Howard University. It was always my dream to attend Howard but the dream was deferred because my family ended up moving back to Seattle, WA and my acceptance letter went to our California address.That was one of the most stressful situations in my life because everyone around me was like “Well maybe it just wasn’t meant to be…” I refused to believe that and had many discussions with my family about my decision to either wait or continue on and go to another school. After my parents and I talked with a recruiter from Washington State University I chose to continue on and go ahead and go to "Washington State University" while I made my game plan for Howard. For some reason it seemed like I was destined to be at Howard I just didn’t know why. So I made a mental note that I was going to transfer in to Howard and if I got in then I was definitely going. I didn’t tell anyone until I knew for sure that I was in. I contacted the recruiter I had met while in California and then we were rolling. Now the day I found out about my acceptance into Howard was amazing. My recruiter called me and said that he was in a meeting and my name came up… they looked at my grades and were like “how could she have grades like this and not get in?” He was like "Hey! That's my recruit I've been working with her since 2004." Things moved pretty quickly after that. I applied once again to Howard at the end of my freshman year at Washington State University in 2004 and got in as a Transfer student. I then told my family who had mixed feelings because of the distance. but I could understand because it was like going across the country. My family's support meant a lot to me because if it weren't for them I wouldn't have made it this far. The greatest test however would come around August. It was three weeks before I was supposed to move to DC. Something told me to call Howard Residence Life. So because of the time difference I got up at 6am Pacific Time to call them when they opened at 9am Eastern Time. There were many early mornings of calling... calling... calling! Three weeks before my plane was supposed to leave for DC they told me I had no housing! This would be one of the MANY roadblocks I would have to deal with involving Howard but I never lived on campus again because of that. I just didn't trust them at ALL! Then someone told me about this website and I went on a search for what seemed like a dead end. My friends and family were all very concerned. So you can imagine how I was beginning to doubt if this was really a good idea. However a door opened up right on time! I remember that faithful day, August 15, 2005 when I packed my three black suitcases… with my purple bible, some clothes, my teddy bear, passion and a dream! I had no job lined up and no idea how I was going to get by but I knew I was supposed to be there. Before I got on the plane I tried not to shed any tears but I looked back and saw my mother and father... standing strong behind me... waving goodbye... and I could not look back anymore. I thought about all of the times I thought about giving up... and all of the times they didn't give up on me... that plane ride was an emotional one that I will never forget. Yes there is a very inspiring story to be told of how I made it through but I can’t just give you the whole story now that wouldn’t be fair. So now here I stand about to graduate from Howard University and go on to Cannes, France and intern with a major motion picture company… I do not have a job secured yet but I know because of how God has worked in the past he has something lined up! So keep that notebook and pen by your bedside because you never know where those "God Ideas"could lead you. Stay tuned for more from the story of the dream deferred “Purple Reels The Go Getter.” I am working on a book at the moment and that was just an excerpt. Have a great day people.

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Light

"My journey towards a college degree is about to come to a close... and I just felt like I should share a part of my journey with you all. Below is an essay that I wrote for acceptance into the Creative Minds in Cannes program... hopefully this will shed some light on my background for your convenience..." P.Reels

In the beginning it was love. I was introduced to the art form called film and I fell in love. It was the year 1999 and my family and I had just moved to California (from Seattle) and once again I was the new kid. Then it happened. I remember it vividly. My teacher announced an extra credit opportunity filming the football team games and editing the highlights. I was very curious and decided to take on the position. That was middle school. The rest is history. The next few years I didn’t think much of it but in high school I joined a program that directly involved the art of the field of communications.

I remember creating a project about the Harlem Renaissance that was very special to me. I was able to learn about my
history, which I felt was not something addressed in as much detail as I would like. They always told us little bits and pieces of information about Black History but my thirst for knowledge prompted my interest. My high school years birthed my passion for human rights, politics and knowledge. Film helps me to be able to tell stories, the stories of real people, the forgotten, which may have gone to the grave without my creative juices to cater to the fulfillment thereof.
I interned during the summer for National Youth Congress creating films for the purpose of preventing kids from doing drugs and educating the community on Lead Poisoning. More recently I interned at HRC (Human Rights Campaign) where I immersed myself in the knowledge of hands on experience in the studio. That experience opened my eyes to a whole new world.

I am a fighter and that is what attracted me to Howard University. Every obstacle that came up during my time here at Howard I turned it into a triumph. Howard is it's own community... a family... and even though we get frustrated sometimes with certain things we still won't go for anyone else bad mouthing our University. My passion for women’s rights landed me the Paul Robeson Award in 2007 for the short film “The Road Not Taken” adapted from Robert Frost’s poem with the same name. That film was special to me because it was a personal triumph over something in my past.

Film has been my refuge and the light at the end of the tunnel and the air that I breathe. Just like the poem I took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference. More recently, in April 2009 the documentary "The Revolution Will Be Televised" was nominated for Best Production and Best Documentary for the Paul Robeson Awards which took place at the AFI Silver Theatre April 9th. The Revolution Will Be Televised received honorable mention for Best Documentary at The Paul Robeson Awards this year and is in competition for other film festivals throughout the nation. I am very proud and thankful that God intrusted me with such a gift to share with the world and will be forever indebted to people like my family who gave up many of their dreams to pour life into mine. I have been one of the fortunate few and can only hope that in the future I can give back to my community what they have given to me.

"It takes a village to raise a child..."

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"