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Friday, July 24, 2009

"No Importa" Music Video Post Production

A lot comes into play when you get down to post production. From the editor's standpoint they're hoping that the Director had a great eye to give them a variety of shots to choose from. That is definitely what sets people a part once you sit down in the editor's chair and start to put your project together. It has been a learning process and a good one at that. I've had the opportunity to teach along the way while cultivating my craft as well. Anyone who has taught anything knows that you as the teacher also learn as you teach because you have to go back to what it is you know and pull out all the stops so to speak. The video "No Importa" is unique because it is a new genre known as Reggaeton that originated in Puerto Rico. I think that it is definitely a genre that is going to blow up in the near future. Doing a video that is in a different language may seem like it is tough but it really all comes down to how well you can pay attention and catch on to the rhythm because there is a certain flow to it all.

Once I got all of my clips organized from Day one to Day three I went deeper into the vault and had to organize them by Medium Shot (MS), Close Up (CU), and so on and so on. Organizing the clips is different from editor to editor it pretty much is up to them and their style. For instance some editors like to capture all of the footage at once and then splice it up and other editors like to go ahead and make the footage into clips as they go. Then comes the question of what type of equipment you are using. With the Sony PMW EX3 there are no tapes simply the hard drive and the camera breaks everything up into clips automatically and that was something that helped us out tremendously. I like to organize everything in my own way and name the clips in a way that I know exactly what is going to be shown without ever having to play it back.

So for the most part I have the footage all laid out first and then I go back and look at what effects to put on the video to make it better. I like to think of it as pizazz! In order to make the video look clean cut we cannot overdue the effects. There has to be a rhythm there too or else it will look trashy and just thrown together. It is easy to get caught up in all of the new technology and all of the new effects some people are trying these days but in my opinion less is more.

Ito's album "No Importa" is out now. It was released on July 17th and his first show is July 24th at a spot in Sacramento, CA. Ito along with Energetik will be performing. They are two of many artists signed with indie label Moodswinga Records. The next video that I will be working on along with the crew is Energetik's "Better than Before." This video is unique as well but we are still in pre-production. I actually am in the middle of writing part of the treatment for that. Overall the best thing I can say about this experience is that I learned a whole lot and it has shed light on how important it is to be organized. Your equipment is important too but if you have no talent, no gift, no compassion for what you're doing your final product will reflect that. Word is bond and my bond is my word. I will try to keep you updated as much as possible but it has become very hectic for me lately.

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

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