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Monday, May 4, 2009

Thoughts on Tavis Smiley interview with Prince

I really enjoyed the recent interview that Tavis Smiley did with Prince. He has a new album out called "Lotus Flow3r" and a lot of people are talking about how unique his website for the CD is. I mean I thought it was clever and if it wasn't unique it just wouldn't be Prince. In his recent interview he talked about how he overcame his battle with Epilepsy among other things. Every time I see this man I am even more intrigued by his expertise and discipline. I'm going to have to find his autobiography. That is one thing that I love is reading about people's lives who have made it to where I want to be. I was taught that if you surround yourself with greatness that is what you will become inevitably. As a child my parents could see that I needed a change as young as elementary school and they put me on a bus to a different school on the North side of Seattle. It wasn't about it being a white school but it was about exposing me to greater things in life. I could relate to what Prince was saying because I remember the teasing, I remember running home to my momma and all the talks we had about "being different." She always reminded me that it was ok to be different. I took that and ran with it. Having people who support you and your dream is VERY important! I remember when I was a kid my classmates used to ask me "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and now I look back and laugh but I would say, "I want to be an Actress, Architect, Own my own restaurant, Own my own Salon, write my own book, etc." They would say well you can't be all of those things ... how are you going to do all of that? I still have the blueprints for my first house that I had drawn out as a kid. That was 6th grade. I still have plans for all of those things but they are more fine tuned nowadays. I have a clearer vision because I have experienced more in life and now my crooked road is lining up.



As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

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