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Sunday, May 3, 2009

PurpleReels Review of Jazz in the Diamond District

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Jazz in the Diamond District was a unique film. There were underlying messages and I believe that at some point everyone had a universal feeling of oneness. It was different to actually see a film about DC. I felt proud to see the familiar places on the big screen like Zanzibar nightclub, Ben’s Chili Bowl, the dance studio on H st., the Duke Ellington School for the arts, and of course the Capitol. Jazz who is the main character in the film was filled with all of the charisma and drive of her mother who was sick. Her character was one who was about chasing her dreams but she ends up getting caught up. At the beginning I didn’t know for sure who the narrator was but it was clear at some point that Jazz’s sister was actually the focus because it was told from her perspective. There were many surprises in the end that had me on the edge of my seat. Some of the twists and turns I just could not believe. The two scenes that were the most powerful to me was first when Jazz went up to New York to meet with Malik who supposedly knew someone in the record business. The scene was very intense but I felt like it cut off too soon and definitely needed a transition to help the audience stay connected. I was on the edge of my seat and then saw blackness but after a few moments it was ok. The next scene that caught me off guard was when Jazz and Gabe got into an intense argument towards the end. True DC colors came out in that scene because rarely do people keep it so real in the midst of an argument like here in DC. If you pay attention you will notice the tilted shot used in the argument scene. It was risky but I think it worked and served it’s purpose. Go-go music was ever present in this film. If you want to know what goes down in DC then this is the movie to see. The whole vibe of DC is unique in it’s own way and there is no other way to explain it. For once the city grows on you it is subtlety forever present in everything that you endeavor. One thing that could have made this film even better was using pure dialog instead of music throughout all of the scenes. The music was great but just not for every scene. The script was ok and I was following along up until the point where I couldn’t figure out if Jazz was telling the truth. I will not spoil the movie for all of those who have yet to see it but overall I liked the script. I enjoyed all of it because it was real DC with no chaser! You might even like Go-Go music a little bit after going to see Jazz in the Diamond District. This film is in a category that is all its own, just like the peculiar city, that is Washington, DC.

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

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