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Purple Tramble also known as "Purple Reels The Go Getter" is an Independent Filmmaker an alumni of Howard University where she studied Communications - [TV/Film Production]. Tramble is passionate about working with small businesses, bands, artists etc. by giving them a tool to market themselves through video promotion. She is also passionate about the progression of the modern filmmaker by providing them with new ideas to keep them ahead of the game. Tramble is an Activist and Advocate of Educating and Empowering the next generation by providing them with positive images that destroy racial stereotypes and sexist or demeaning behavior in regards to young women. Her mission is to provide hope to the hopeless, a voice to the voiceless, and support others on a mission to bring peace, spread love, and make a positive change. "Protect and effect the minds of the youth and save a nation." ~ Purple Reels ~

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Ideas and Dreams Deferred"

When I started to realize that my dreams actually meant something I started to keep a notebook and a pen by my bedside. I just couldn’t stand the thought of actually forgetting one of my ideas. Most of the time my dreams would cause me to think about certain events in my life and some part of the dream always ended up coming to life. The other kinds of dreams I have are “Ideas” that are God-given. I know this because every time I take note of them and run with them I never fail. The thing about it is that if God has given you something he will always give you instructions about what to do with that idea. The problem arises in between that time when we are waiting to hear those instructions. I know how frustrating that can be. Take for instance my acceptance into Howard University. It was always my dream to attend Howard but the dream was deferred because my family ended up moving back to Seattle, WA and my acceptance letter went to our California address.That was one of the most stressful situations in my life because everyone around me was like “Well maybe it just wasn’t meant to be…” I refused to believe that and had many discussions with my family about my decision to either wait or continue on and go to another school. After my parents and I talked with a recruiter from Washington State University I chose to continue on and go ahead and go to "Washington State University" while I made my game plan for Howard. For some reason it seemed like I was destined to be at Howard I just didn’t know why. So I made a mental note that I was going to transfer in to Howard and if I got in then I was definitely going. I didn’t tell anyone until I knew for sure that I was in. I contacted the recruiter I had met while in California and then we were rolling. Now the day I found out about my acceptance into Howard was amazing. My recruiter called me and said that he was in a meeting and my name came up… they looked at my grades and were like “how could she have grades like this and not get in?” He was like "Hey! That's my recruit I've been working with her since 2004." Things moved pretty quickly after that. I applied once again to Howard at the end of my freshman year at Washington State University in 2004 and got in as a Transfer student. I then told my family who had mixed feelings because of the distance. but I could understand because it was like going across the country. My family's support meant a lot to me because if it weren't for them I wouldn't have made it this far. The greatest test however would come around August. It was three weeks before I was supposed to move to DC. Something told me to call Howard Residence Life. So because of the time difference I got up at 6am Pacific Time to call them when they opened at 9am Eastern Time. There were many early mornings of calling... calling... calling! Three weeks before my plane was supposed to leave for DC they told me I had no housing! This would be one of the MANY roadblocks I would have to deal with involving Howard but I never lived on campus again because of that. I just didn't trust them at ALL! Then someone told me about this website and I went on a search for what seemed like a dead end. My friends and family were all very concerned. So you can imagine how I was beginning to doubt if this was really a good idea. However a door opened up right on time! I remember that faithful day, August 15, 2005 when I packed my three black suitcases… with my purple bible, some clothes, my teddy bear, passion and a dream! I had no job lined up and no idea how I was going to get by but I knew I was supposed to be there. Before I got on the plane I tried not to shed any tears but I looked back and saw my mother and father... standing strong behind me... waving goodbye... and I could not look back anymore. I thought about all of the times I thought about giving up... and all of the times they didn't give up on me... that plane ride was an emotional one that I will never forget. Yes there is a very inspiring story to be told of how I made it through but I can’t just give you the whole story now that wouldn’t be fair. So now here I stand about to graduate from Howard University and go on to Cannes, France and intern with a major motion picture company… I do not have a job secured yet but I know because of how God has worked in the past he has something lined up! So keep that notebook and pen by your bedside because you never know where those "God Ideas"could lead you. Stay tuned for more from the story of the dream deferred “Purple Reels The Go Getter.” I am working on a book at the moment and that was just an excerpt. Have a great day people.

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

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