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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"LOVeUncERtain" Written by Purple Tramble - [04.22.10]

Written by Purple Tramble -  [04.22.10]
inspired by true events

I'm thinking I wouldn't mind him being the father of my babies... No
I wouldn't mind it... I wouldn't mind ...
he brings out the best in me... and I in he
at least I hope he knows I feel this way...
I learn from him in every way...
he dedicates his heart to me with his words
I feel like he's protecting me
and I don't want this feeling to go away
when he's holding me I'm thinking about forever
when he talks with me I think about his dreams
all while he's with me I'm thinking about ways to help him grow
Never been so concerned with someone's worth before
It seems his soul has taken hold of me
and how he feels I don't care if it's this way or that
all he needs to know is it's a fact
I'm in love 
must be special he's developing into my being
giving me an uncompromising feeling of wholeness from within
Lord give me the strength to be willing to take the chance
Give me the courage to give into my soul
had a talk with my heart and she told me she just don't know
we have been here once before
are we willing to go there once more?
I don't know... I just don't ....know
But  my soul had a different reply...
Intrigued by the wisdom in his eyes...
I laugh because it seems he thinks that he is old
but to me that is what I like
entranced in my mind by his outlook on life
in my heart yes I'm hoping to get closer... maybe one day become his wife
reminds me of my father
intelligent, respectful and kind
yet he can stand up for his family when the time is right
he has taken many risks in his life
But now he's much more careful with the way he uses his time
Wisdom is what guides his life
His values are in order... and he's headed for destiny
my heart skips a beat when I hear about his journey
for his seems to mesh with mine
for we took the road less traveled by
and what he has learned I'd love to share with my babies
when the time is right maybe we will get the chance to share our stories
together how we overcame in this fight called life
and all of our jewels of wisdom we would continue to impart
pass the torch of wisdom ...pass the torch...
Now looking at him I can only smile
Hoping that one day he'd know... just how... I feel
Don't want to force this though... I enjoy this...
It has been something real
I can only hope one day I can get up the courage
to tell him that my love is real
"but his is uncertain"
I don't want to press this thing
please just stay for a while
there's no pressure here baby
here you can open your heart
here you can be free to smile
I will love you despite your love uncertain
I will ride with you through the nile

Written by Purple Tramble
© 2010 Purple Reels Productions ™

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE! 
"Purple Reels The Go Getter" 

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