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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The COOLOUT Network Celebrates 19 Years in the GAME!!!

Coolout Network Celebrates 19 Years In The Game With All-Star Northwest Hip-Hop Concert Saturday April 3rd At The Crocodile
All-Star Lineup to feature Central District's own Ghetto Children with Vitamin D and B-Self reuniting after more than a decade!
Xola (Kid Sensation), D.Black, Ghetto Children, Khingz
And More Of The Best From Northwest Hip-Hop's Past, Present & Future Also Set To Perform

I met Georgio Brown for the first time live on his set for his documentary "Coolout Network's Northwest Hip-hop documentary" last year. I'm very excited to see what will come of this documentary and hope to work with them in their efforts to complete the project. 

Georgio Brown's CoolOut Network produces a hip hop show featuring interviews with local artists in the Seattle area. They also feature music videos and cover shows in the area as well. The show has evolved over the years making Georgio Brown one of the biggest supporters of local artists, giving them a tool to shine. His show has provided a major platform for local artists such as (but not limited to) J. Pinder (Jake One), D. Black, and Fatal Lucciauno.

This Saturday April 3, 2010 CoolOUT Network presents COOLOUT 19 featuring the following ALL STAR Line Up: 


J.Pinder (Jake One) 

Fatal Lucciauno

Vitamin D


Canary Sing




Emerald Street Boys (then)

Emerald Street Boys (now)


E Dawg

 Specs One

Sonny Bonoho 

Suntonio Bandanaz 


Seattle, WA - To celebrate their nineteenth year of serving the Northwest Hip-Hop and music communities, as well as the impending release of their documentary film about the history of Northwest Hip-hop, the Coolout Network has lined up an unforgettable all-star Northwest hip-hop showcase set for legendary Seattle music venue, the Crocodile on Saturday April 3rd. Mark your calendar, because this concert boasts an all-star lineup that reads like a virtual who's who of Northwest hip-hop. 

 Now for a little insight into some of the artists who will be performing... here is an excerpt featured on the Crocodile website showcasing the bio of Fatal Lucciauno & J.Pinder (Jake One) 

Who is Fatal Lucciauno???

Like many young black men in America, Fatal Lucciauno (born Rahmeece Chevosier Howell) fell into the cycle of street life and drug dealing. What makes Fatal different than your average thug on the street is his obvious old soul, which you come to understand when you first meet him. After delving deeper into his music and personality you begin to understand that he also has an extremely keen sense of history and people. Born in Chicago Illinois then relocating to Seattle Washington at the age of 6, he and his family spent 11 years homeless. The entire Howell clan is made up talented musicians, so naturally they fed themselves off of that talent and since the age of 8 Fatal has been writing poetry and rapping and at some points in his life he and his father would rap and sing for food and money. This not being enough, to fill a growing boy or enough to keep him current in fashion with his peers, he began hustling drugs in Seattle's Central District. Later to be recognized for forming a very powerful street movement of young individuals known as "The Lucciauno's". Fatal began as a battle MC on corners, playgrounds and busses and began to realize there was more than just the streets' pumping in his blood; he also shared the desire to create music with his childhood friend Damian Black (D. Black). The two soon formed a group named G-Mentality. Although G-Mentallity never released a full length project, the two friends and partners in rhyme remained focused on their mission to create music, so in 2001, Fatal began to make his presence known on stage as D's hype man. His first solo debut was on a 2003 Sportn' Life promotional single with the song "Tribulations" Now out from under the wings of D. Black, Fatal is ready to show the world what he has to offer. "The Only Forgotten Son" is his debut release and is truly a masterpiece. Fatal credits his mother, respected Northwest Jazz and Gospel singer Josephine Howell for his inspiration and ultimately makes true life music himself and is a credible voice of the street. "This dude is street, he's raw, real, uncut,he's gutter plus he's smart, he could be a teacher or a philosopher, but he's a rapper...he's the intelligent hoodlum" says DeVon Manier CEO of Sportn' Life Records. Given that, Sportn' Life Records has signed him as their second act and sees him as an artist who's music will live on for years as a voice for people similar to the way that Tupacs' music was and still is. 


Who is J. Pinder (Jake One)???
"J.Pinder's mixtape Backpack Wax is in fact super tight. Back to front, don't front, Wax is an exercise in immaculate, slick bars from Pinder and perfect backdrops from DJ Vitamin D, who (on the mic, behind the turntables, and on the tracks) sounds like he's having more fun than he has in years. Pinder is the star of the show, but his lyrical charm and easy swagger are totally complemented and damn near overshadowed by Vita's handprints; Wax is blessed by that same trademark dusty, soulful, thoughtful touch that is so recognizable from seamless projects like Table Manners and Do the Math. It's damn near a primer on how to make town collaboration sound effortless—don't sleep on the cameos from Macklemore, Grynch, Choklate, Darius Willrich, and Chali 2na. Some of my favorite moments come when JP is joined in the booth by Vitamin and Maineack Tubman, aka Tha Stahi Bros.; when the pimpish trio go in over Kendricks's super-saucy 'Intimate Friends,' it's classic material. The tape's guaranteed to stay in the deck for a hot sec, and the full- "Captain America" 

Below is one of my favorite videos featuring some of Seattle's finest! Check it out =) 
~ Purple Reels ~

Advance tickets for this sure-to-be historic night are just $10. – an unbelievable value when you consider the stellar lineup of talent that has been assembled for this once-in-a- lifetime event! All proceeds from the concert will go towards the completion of Coolout Network's Northwest Hip-hop documentary. 

This event will be streamed live via

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

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