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Monday, April 19, 2010

Kelis New Song/Music Video [Acapella]


 This is a great video. The imagery and artistic nature kept me visually satisfied! Yes! Lady Gaga who? Why compare Kelis to Lady Gaga when Kelis was flamboyant and "Caught out there" before Gaga ever hit a lick. She's cool but she's no Kelis and I second that! The song had me thinking maybe she was referring to a man but the last shot in the video is of her dressed in African attire with a baby on her back. The song is about her baby... what a cold metaphor! I've heard a lot of songs like for instance Lauryn Hill's "Zion" where artists pay tribute to their children but this song is cool. I think the video helps it out a whole lot though. What's funny is how itunes had this music video for free... what the heck!? That was rather interesting but good for me lol! Enjoy!


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