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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Blazing Moon - Dreams & Visions

I want to share what has been occurring lately in my dreams. When you are a creative person you express yourself in many ways. I've always been a dreamer. In fact I dream every night. It is not very often that I remember my dreams but when I do I've recognized that they tend to come true in some way later on down the line. Now as a writer first I recognize that I can use these dreams to create a screenplay, book, film or anything to express what I experienced. It will be up to me to make the audience - or in terms of production the producer and director - understand what it is that I want to portray. So a few nights ago I had a very eloquent dream that woke me up out of my sleep. I find it very interesting now that in my dreams I am filming most of the time and I can actually recall what has taken place as if I was really there. With all of the odd events that have taken place in the past few months I've really begun to pay more attention to chakras and the balance of self. In my line of work creativity is a must and it is expected that creative people can produce a legitimate product full of excitement at the drop of a dime. In order to tap into that type of creativity one must be in tune with what lies beneath the surface of their being. Now I was raised in church but I don't want to get into "religion" because that's not even the point I'm trying to make. Everyone has a connection to the universe. Whatever form you use to connect is up to you but when you open that line of connection expect a change in your atmosphere. Most of the time when I get video projects I end up editing from home. When I'm under pressure I have to change my atmosphere so that I can focus and create the best product and in the process meet the agreed deadline. So what do we learn from this? Your atmosphere affects your output and in retrospect it affects your creativity.

This dream that I am about to share with you was very intense for me because it confirmed a lot of things that I've been seeing take place in the world. I often tell my siblings and my mother that sleeping is like going to the movies for me. I always see something new.

My dream last night: January 7, 2010

last night I dreamt I was on a beach with friends I was filming ... and the sky got dark all of a sudden... I thought nothing of it because I thought the sun was just about to set so I turned my camera towards the sun to get the sunset... then the change in the atmosphere was great... the clouds closed in on the sun as it changed into the moon... the moon began to gradually get bigger in size as the clouds closed in on it and opened once again... then a ring of fire covered the moon as the black clouds opened and closed again... there were pictures on the moon ... the people around me were laughing and I was angry "hey turn your camera back on, get this, get this!" asking them "What you can't see that? You can't see that?" I went and put my camera away and went to pray and I woke up.

So when I woke up I remember posting something on my facebook wall on January 8, 2010 about the dream which was the following;

"... what would you do if you looked up and the sky turned black & the clouds closed in on the sun as it changed into the moon... the moon changed in size and a ring of fire appeared surrounding the moon...? I kneeled down to pray and woke up... thank God "this time" it was just a dream... Purple Reels "Let your light shine!"

I was still stunned at what I saw... I had been reading about chakras and did my chart and all of that and noticed that my "third eye" is overactive. The third eye is
"the centre for clairvoyance, visions, and transcendence of time and space in thinking...."

A few days after that a friend of mine sent me a text that the image that I had described to them "ring of fire" was on So I went there and was stunned...

The headline on read "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse Millennium's Longest. I was amazed that the picture looked like what I had saw in my dream but when they described it with the same words I used that kind of freaked me out a little bit. The Solar Eclipse that people were raving about in Singapore, India, Central Africa, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka to say the least I had already seen in my dreams.

I often wonder what this means but I've had other dreams come to past as well. I share this with you to bring you into a new realm of consciousness so that you will not overlook the signs. I keep a notebook next to my bed at night so that in the morning if I have a dream the night before I can make note of it. I am a writer at heart but I understand now that all of the "Writer-Directors" have probably experienced some of the same things that I am experiencing. The point is what do you do with this information?

I've started to look back at these dreams and tried to find patterns and have had new ideas for new projects and characters for films stem from these dreams. A character and or story has always been alive it just takes time for us to discover them. A great tool for creative people is to learn to sit back and observe. As a writer/filmmaker I am always observing and I also LOVE to travel... not just by plane but by bus or train as well. It gives me time to observe and sometimes talk to different kinds of people. I pick and choose wisely though and sometimes I don't even have to extend myself because my energy draws them to me. I'll pick up different things from these people and then a new character might come alive because of that divine appointment. If you're quiet enough and you observe the signs you will be a master of creating characters as well. One more lesson and I'm through. Silence is definitely golden. A few experiences as an observer of people have taught me that often times when you're silent people will tell you their whole life stories. You can try this even in your daily lives and with personal relationships. It's true! It's funny how threatening a moment of silence can be. It just shows how much technology has taken over our lives. Don't lose sight of your self in the pursuit of happiness! Control your atmosphere! I hope that my experiences have enlightened your senses. Stay tuned for my next blog documenting the creation of a new project I'm working on. A documentary about a march happening in the Seattle area. Purple Reels will be there documenting it all. Exclusive interviews with the people!

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

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