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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

R&B Singer/Sensation KEKE WYATT Returns! "Who Knew?"

"KeKe Wyatt RETURNS!
Wyatt seems to have truly grown on this album. Her lyrics possess that of a sincere heart. One who is happy with where they are and really cherishes what they have, the simple things."
 ~ Purple Reels ~
"Wyatt has brought back that classic 90s R&B sound" ~ Purple Reels ~

KeKe Wyatt (born Ketara Shavon Wyatt, March 10, 1982) is a multi-talented American R&B recording artist. She became popular after a highly successful collaboration with R&B singer Avant on his platinum album My Thoughts. This led to her debut Certified Gold album Soul Sista in 2001, and a promising solo career with MCA Records.

Many who think of KeKe Wyatt think about her alleged stabbing of her husband Rahmat Morton. Yet there is much more to her story. She is a survivor. If one has never gone through anything they cannot ever understand something like that.

Ketara was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Like most successful R&B singers Wyatt's background and introduction to singing is deeply rooted in church music. Her mother. Lorna Wyatt is a vocalist and her father, Keever Wyatt II is an organist/vocalist. Despite her religious upbringing her parents exposed her to all types of music (secular and gospel) and encouraged her to pursue a career in secular music. Surrounded by a musically inclined family Ketara started singing at the age of two and by five she had already performed for her first live audience. Wyatt says she is influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Ella Fitzgerald.

Professionally KeKe didn't start until the age of ten by recording "What If" on a gospel compilation album based in Indianapolis. Wyatt soon become the student of producer/songwriter Steve "Stone" Huff. He produced and shopped a few demos around for Wyatt in hopes of getting her signed with a professional label. Wyatt began performing the songs for gospel labels which earned her $1,500 per recording. The thing about Wyatt was that she could write and as a minor she was vulnerable to the more wise and seasoned "big wigs" of the entertainment industry. Wyatt did not receive credit for most of her work she did as a teen.

At age eighteen Wyatt recorded the song My First Love with Avant which gained much success as a single with MCA Records. This resulted in a solo album contract with MCA Records. Wyatt then recorded her first album in two weeks time.
The controversy surrounding accusations in a domestic violence dispute between Wyatt and her husband/manager helped propel her debut album Soul Sista into gold-certified status. The album held the Top 5 position for several weeks and sold more than one million copies reaching audiences in Japan, Korea and Europe.[1] The video for her third single, I Don't Wanna, features her former real-life spouse, Rahmat Morton, playing her husband as well as their son in the beginning intro.

In 2004 Wyatt left MCA Records and signed with Cash Money Records/Universal Motown Records. Her single Put Your Hands on Me became #1 but she'd later leave Cash Money Records for TVT Records. Her debut album with TVT Records was supposed to be Ghetto Rose but that album was shelved due to the label filing for bankruptcy.

In February 2010, Wyatt released the single Who Knew? which served as the title track for her album. General Manager and head of A&R, Randal Grass, of Wyatt's new record label Shanachie Entertainment stated :

    She is one of the outstanding singers of her generation and is recognized as a true singer.

Additionally, in an interview with she has said that her and
Avant are in works for their long-awaited duets album.

Of my favorite songs off of the album "Got Me One (Good Man)" has to be my favorite, then comes "Never Do it Again," and "Daydreaming." Got Me One (Good Man) seems like it could be a wedding song that I could definitely see being used in a film. I can only hope that the album gains the attention that it deserves. Wyatt seems to have truly grown on this album. Her lyrics possess that of a sincere heart. One who is happy with where they are and really cherishes what they have, the simple things. I had been reminiscing on the R&B music of the 90s and KeKe Wyatt's name came up every time. I think with this album Wyatt has brought back that classic 90s R&B sound that I have been missing so much. Wyatt's story is very inspiring and encouraging because she took all that she has been through and turned it into something beautiful. Furthermore I believe that she really had an epiphany after her violent encounters with her former husband (or soon to be ex-husband). That in itself can inspire an artist to create because that is a form of expression or therapy to rid your soul of it's toxic emotions.

Wyatt is a mother of three through her seven year marriage to Rahmat Morton. Eleven years her senior, he is her former road manager whom she married at age eighteen. In 2009 Wyatt reported that she was in the process of divorcing Morton.

The singer has two younger brothers who also work as entertainers. Keever Wyatt, III is an R&B/Hip-Hop artist. Kendall Wyatt is a writer for the Christian Music industry.

Check out her NEW VIDEO "WHO KNEW?"

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

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