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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WALL STREET - Money Never Sleeps - Purple Reels Review

"From the outside it would seem that he has turned his life around and changed his cunning cut throat ways. Yet the audience is in for a rude awakening."

- Purple Reels 

Well in Wall Street Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) reminds us that the most valuable asset to human beings is time. Yet money is surely the root of all evil in this film. It can tear through families and relationships and bring us to our wits end. Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) is released from jail. Seven years later he releases a book that is anything but the expected of his character. From the outside it would seem that he has turned his life around and changed his cunning cut throat ways. Yet the audience is in for a rude awakening. He uses his distraught relationship with his daughter to squander his way into a deal of a lifetime... but he becomes caught between two serious decisions. Will his selfish nature and greed overtake his heart and make him choose between what is really important?

It seems there was another underlying message in this movie. There were many writers on this particular script so that may have something to do with it. There were quite a few references to evolution and humans coming back in different forms as payback for the way they lived their past lives. More important than this was the greatest moral of the story which comes off as "Time vs. Money." The movie is very timely in the sense that the world is going through similar changes as far as our economy is concerned. Pay attention and you will gather your own conclusion as to what is true and what is nothing short of a tall tale. Do not be deceived for movies are not just pure fiction. There lies a hidden truth in every art form. Every story has an inspiration or a source.

Director Oliver Stone uses a unique style in this movie. The split screens and old school effects were not expected but did not necessarily disturb the audience. One would definitely have to say that the ambience of "Wall Street" was superb. The effects were there when needed but again they did not cause a ruckus. The movie was longer than most but for a just cause and it served its purpose well.

Great choice of actors as they took the story to heart. Their acting burst with passion. Shia LaBeouf was challenged to play a more serious role as "Jake Moore" and it fit him well. It is believable that he will definitely land more roles like this in the future. Carey Mulligan played the sophisticated Lady "Winnie Gekko" who didn't care about money for what it had done to her family in the past. Then you have the villain "Bretton James"played by Josh Brolin whose evil seeped through his eyes. Everyone can relate to this movie in some way. Yet it is one that takes some attention as the plot thickens towards the end. 

- Purple Reels   

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