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Monday, July 5, 2010

GOLD CLASS CINEMAS - Purple Reels Review ***** 5 Star Experience!

 If you are looking for great service, a movie experience like none other, or just a new and exciting way to celebrate all together then you need to experience Gold Class Cinemas! Bravo, Bravo, Purple Reels gives it 5 stars for WORLD CLASS SERVICE! *****

~ Purple Reels ~

It was certainly a great journey to the ultimate experience at Gold Class Cinemas. The perfect end to a great Fourth of July Weekend. Now here is a little background on the start of Gold Class Cinemas. First let's start with the history of The Village Roadshow Limited which is where the Gold Class Cinemas branched off from:

Photo Courtesy of Purple Reels ™ 2010

History of Village Roadshow Limited

1954 - Owned and managed one of Australia's first drive-in Cinemas 

1960s - Entered Film Distribution 

1970s - Started Video Distribution Entered Film Production

1980s - Pioneered state of the art 'multiplex' cinema complexes 

1990s - Listed on Australian Securities Exchange. Expanded into Theme Parks, Gold Class and Radio

THE FUTURE ...... Will be created by people like you!

"The best way to build a brand is ONE person at a time" 
- Gold Class Cinemas

Photo Courtesy of Purple Reels ™ 2010

Village Roadshow: A Deeper History
by Purple Reels
When one thinks of film they often think of France because of the Luminere Brothers but what a wealth of knowledge that was gained once I stepped foot into the world of Village Roadshow. They have truly made a name for themselves and everything they do is nothing short of excellent! What is interesting is that the company's history is deeply rooted in Australia. The company thrives in Cinema Exhibition dating back to 1954 with the creation of Australia's first drive-in cinemas. 

Currently Village Roadshow owns and operates 533 screens across 53 sites in Australia and 167 screens at 18 sites in Singapore, Greece and the Czech Republic. What is even more interesting is that now they are expanding their Gold Class Cinema concept to the US Market. So now we can benefit from their World Class service which is definitely like none other you will ever experience in your lifetime!

Even more so interesting than this is the company extends itself into theme parks and now is known as being the largest theme park owner and operator in Australia. Have you heard of Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World, or Wet 'n' Wild? They are all 100% owned by Village Road Show. Now I know what you're thinking... this is way too much! How can one company be so successful in so many different areas of interest. Well let me be the first to tell you that this is just the beginning. 

Village Roadshow also has a major hand in Film Distribution, having long standing distribution agreements and relationships with film suppliers like Warner Bros, The Weinstein Company, and their own Village Roadshow Pictures. This is truly an amazing company with a worthy story to tell... a story of success and triumph through the years... they have truly made a name for themselves in the business and should be recognized for their efforts. So the next time you watch a movie, go to a theme park or decide to treat your family to "World Class" service make sure you think of Gold Class Cinemas.

~ Purple Reels ~


Village Roadshow: Gold Class Cinemas
by Purple Reels

Photo Courtesy of Purple Reels ™ 2010

The experience at Gold Class Cinemas is like none other you will ever experience in your lifetime. After seeing a movie in this atmosphere your movie going experience will never be the same. It is evident in every aspect of life that when you begin to treat yourself to the finer things, you will more than likely never go back to the ordinary. You do not need to make reservations but it is encouraged that you do so. The inside reminded me of a lounge type of atmosphere as I was very taken by the interior design.

 Photo Courtesy of Purple Reels ™ 2010
 Photo Courtesy of Purple Reels ™ 2010

A live band or even a piano man is what I envisioned to enhance the place. The service was excellent! Everyone was very excited about the fact that the company was going to be featured on the "Purple Reels Blog." They even sent out one of the managers who gave me some more background on the company even after they gave a wonderful tour. I insisted that it is a great honor for myself and the company as well. The service at the front desk is reminiscent of a luxurious hotel or checking into a resort. You will truly feel like royalty!
 Photo Courtesy of Purple Reels ™ 2010
 Photo Courtesy of Purple Reels ™ 2010

Then you choose your movie if you haven't already made reservations. The movie of choice was Tom Cruise as (Roy Miller) and Cameron Diaz as (June Havens)in "Knight and Day!" Then the wonderful hostess' escort you over to the lounge area and bring you a cute little customized ticket holder. The lounge area was incredible with a fire place, full bar and full service. Even the (GOLD) menus were very original. After taking your order they bring you delicious appetizers while you wait for your movie to start.
 Photo Courtesy of Purple Reels ™ 2010

 Photo Courtesy of Purple Reels ™ 2010 "Alfred Hitchcock"

 Photo Courtesy of Purple Reels ™ 2010

They noticed how fascinated I was by their wall of fame. Along the wall there were pictures of famous actors and directors like Alfred Hitchcock and even Audrey Hepburn! Then came the tour.... the lounge chairs were a beautiful fashion orange. The fabric felt like cashmere. One might even compare it to flying first class. On your table in between you and your party next to you there is a button you can press while watching the movie to order whatever you would like! I quickly began using the service button. I thought it was a great touch. How many times have you went to the movies and got comfortable only to realize that you forgot to get some of your favorite candy? The service button takes care of all of that. They are very discrete as to not disturb other movie attendees. IT was SUPERB SERVICE!

 Photo Courtesy of Purple Reels ™ 2010

They even provide pillows and covers for your convenience. This is the perfect anniversary, birthday, graduation etc. present. Hey it is even a great first date (smile)! If you are looking for great service, a movie experience like none other, or just a new and exciting way to celebrate all together then you need to experience Gold Class Cinemas! Bravo, Bravo, Purple Reels gives it 5 stars for WORLD CLASS SERVICE!
There are many locations 
CLICK HERE to find a location near you!

I got a great shot of the fireplace! It was cozy.
The gorgeous Audrey Hepburn

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE! 

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