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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Purple Reels - Shutter Island - Review

"The law of 4 who is 67?"

"Is it a set up.... created for him.... a rat in a maze....?"

"You're smarter than u look that's probably not a good thing!"

The brain controls fear & everything... Recreate a man with no memories and no pain... and what do you got?

"It will make you watch what you say, question your own words... and everything you do... making smart seem like a crime... analyzing anything seem like an act against humanity.... value your brain and the way you think... I was mesmerized and scared yet intrigued... it will make you believe... the twists and turns play tricks on the mind as it reels you in... make sure you're prepared before you step on Shutter Island."

~ Purple Reels ~

Shutter Island reminded me of the old school flicks back in the day like Dick Tracy and some of the foreign films I've seen through the years. The only way that I could tell that it was based on a book was the way that the shots reeled you in, in the beginning was the same way you were reeled out. If you pay attention in the beginning you will notice that the music plays a major role in this. It builds up as the shots progress and bring you in closer to the island. The suspense is crazy in the beginning so much so that you know you're in for something out of the ordinary. I also liked how the color scheme switched back from black and white to color. Once you get to the island it seems peaceful and all of the patients are in the garden just as shown in the previews. Yet something about it is not right.

The story progresses in a very suspenseful way that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is not only the music score that creates this atmosphere yet the story in itself. You will be pulling for the main character so much so that you will hope that his story is true. When you have great actors like Dicaprio it really makes for a truly mesmerizing experience for the audience. The story was told backwards in a way but gives the audience clues throughout the movie that something is up here. You will begin to question your own instincts like is it just me? Am I the one going crazy here? Some of the issues in the movie coincide with some issues we are dealing with in the world today such as privacy. Keep your eyes open for you will begin to notice the little things once you begin to pay attention to what your eyes and senses are naturally drawn to. Do not resist the questions you have in your mind, there is a reason for that.

If you think about the mind of a writer, director, and even the director of photography they all have one goal in mind. They are... well should I say we are trying to reel the audience into our story. So there are different tactics and tricks... well more so techniques over tricks that naturally draw the audience's attention. There is a set amount of time that you can hold an audience's attention before they start to get anxious however if it is a good story they'll be hooked and more than likely want to stay and find out what happens next. So like Hitchcock who is the master of suspense Scorsese illustrates this story in such a way that you become the main character. You feel his pain, you go back into his past, you experience his nightmares and you end up feeling trapped on Shutter Island! Come one, come all but just come and experience what I felt .... you will not be disappointed!

Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Edited by: Thelma Schoonmaker, A.C.E
Director of Photography: Robert Richardson, A.C.E.
Produced by: Mike Medavoy, Arnold A. Messe, Bradley J. Fischer, Martin Scorsese
Co Producers: Joseph Reidy, Emma Tillinger, Amy Herman
based on novel by Dennis Lehane
Screenplay by: Laeta Kalogridi

As always remember to be "REEL" and stay on the MOVE!

"Purple Reels The Go Getter"

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